The Strength Of Your Defense Is Our Experience

At Kenney Law Firm, LLC, we have a strong reputation for our commitment to our clients. The primary reason we have been able to establish such an excellent reputation is that we build our defense strategies using the more than 20 years of combined experience of our lawyers.

You need an experienced attorney with a proven record of success on your side as you face criminal proceedings.

Protecting The Rights Of All Accused Individuals

If you face a charge in Johnson County or elsewhere in the state of Kansas, our lawyers will build a defense strategy individually tailored to meet your specific needs. In fact, we offer assistance to all accused individuals, including those facing the following charges:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Traffic violations
  • Drug possession
  • Property crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Juvenile matters
  • White collar crimes

While the above are the most common charges our firm's clients face, our attorneys, with more than two decades of experience, have served as prosecutors at numerous trials involving a wide range of charges, including sex crimes and homicides. Their experience and their success on the other side of the aisle ensure they are prepared to defend you, regardless of the charge you face.

Get The Answers You Need To Your Criminal Law Questions

If you face a charge, whether it is for a first-time DUI or something more serious, we know that you have many unanswered questions. You can get those answers, along with the others you need for your peace of mind, from our legal team by calling 913-624-9786 or emailing us to schedule a free initial consultation at our Olathe law office.